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The peripheral nervous system (PNS) is the connection between our intentions and our actions. Every move we make and every touch we experience depends on an intact peripheral nerve.  Accidents and disease can break those connections, leaving us unable to move or feel.

Over 550,000 people in the US suffer peripheral nerve damage each year. Nature has endowed the peripheral nervous system with limited regenerative capacity.  When those limits are breached, medical science must take over.

NERVES INCORPORATED has developed a deep understanding of the natural regenerative  process, and uses that knowledge to provide solutions for superior recovery from peripheral nerve trauma.






We have been working with a systems based solution, the targeted placement of LIFE arrays. They have intraneural electrode characteristics, low tissue reactivity and functional morbidity.  This maximizes neural data acquisition, the ability to obtain single motor unit recording, and high channel count for greater DOF for prosthetic control. The mechanically stable and highly selective interface incorporates into nerve tissue multiple recording sites per component nerve fascicle. They are functionally specific and have high system fault tolerance.






Neurotoxicology measures how external agents interfere with the function of the nervous system with the goal of determining their mechanisms of action. Neuronal activity is the primary functional output of the nervous system and deviations from its resting level may indicate toxicity. Consequently, the monitoring of electrophysiological activity in complex cell culture systems appears particularly promising for neurotoxicity assessment.

By combining electrophysiology, single cell resolution imaging,

animal  genetic models of human disease, and metabolic measurements we have a totally unique approach that yields multi-dimensional data unavailable with any other single assay.

Animal usage can be reduced by a factor of 100 Pharmacological, electrical, and genetic manipulations are facile